Welcome to the traditional Japanese martial art of KYOKUSHIN KARATE and Australia Japan Kyokushin Union – MUSASHI DOJOS.  MUSASHI DOJOS are directly affiliated with All Japan Kyokushin Union (International Karate Organization) Japan and are led by Shihan Ritchie Saunders, 6th Dan.  “We  have very experienced, internationally recognized instructors with extremely high credibility who wish to pursue new innovations in learning and teaching whilst still keeping the true Japanese traditions and beliefs of Kyokushin Karate in place”.

Kyokushin Karate is one of the most exciting martial arts in the world.  For everyone, the training involved develops fitness, balance, co-ordination, increases strength and flexibility, improves concentration and confidence as well as developing high levels of self discipline, self defense skills and much, much more.

Our purpose is teaching and development  for students of Kyokushin Karate.  Students of all levels will always be guided and encouraged to strive for their best to progress in life and to achieve their goals regardless of what they may be.  And, there are no limits, numbers of our students (Male/ Female/ Junior and Senior) have competed in different competition events at State, National and International levels.

We understand that as instructors we need to be extremely careful about what we say and do because with something as serious and important as a martial art we constantly need to remember that we are actually “carving peoples’ lives”.  

“Kyokushin Karate is very easy to teach…..…….but very difficult to teach properly” !! 

Comments;  Shihan Ritchie 

We identify that children are in fact our future, so our intent is to provide training for them at individual levels meeting the needs of all in a traditional Japanese martial art at a pace that suits their needs for progression and at the same time have them understand the necessity of respect, manners and discipline. 

For the adults, there is anything and everything you need if you are up to the challenge.  We want to provide the  ULTIMATE KARATE  for everyone.

***  Australia Japan Kyokushin Union – MUSASHI DOJOS is a N.P.O (Non Profit Organisation).


国際空手道連盟極真会館  –  師範リッチー ソンダーズ 六段 (International Karate Organization, Shihan Ritchie Saunders, 6th Dan).   

Shihan Ritchie also an internationally qualified Tournament Judge and Referee is one of the most experienced Kyokushin Karate instructors in the World.


本部; オーストラリアのビクトリア州 (ジロング町)

Our website will be constantly updated, please visit again soon as we wish to provide you with ongoing  interesting and useful information.

大山総裁死すとも極真空手は永遠不滅なり  (Even though Sosai Oyama dies Kyokushin Karate lives forever).

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