Young Lion Kids

STELLA IN GI “YOUNG LIONS“ – this is a specialist training program which has been developed over several years to cater for children between the ages of 5 and 10 years.  Again we identify our children as the future and we understand that high level training in “main stream” classes is simply beyond their reach, particularly for long periods of time.  There for, the Young Lions classes are a mix of the basics of Kyokushin Karate skills along with other activities to assist them in improvement of balance, co-ordination, confidence building etc and slowly but surely strengthening their minds and bodies (both female and male) to grow into the art then with specific timing have them integrate into the main stream general classes.

 The Young Lions instructors are not only experienced martial arts instructors but outstanding mentors having experience within a number of quality vocations within our community, their ability to present training in formats the children clearly understand is exceptional and they do so with the best interests of the kids for most in their minds.

 lso, apart from meeting numbers of new friends/ people it is also a fantastic opportunity for them at such a young age to commence learning at least a second language (Japanese).   The Young Lions program has proven  to be extremely successful and continues to grow and a regular basis.

 TRIAL CLASSES;   “Try before you buy”……….Please feel free to contact us and organise for your children to attend some trial classes to make sure Karate is for them.  We are confident it will be !!

***   For information regarding A.J.K.U classes for children outside of Victoria please contact the relevant instructors via CONTACT US tab.